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2-Way Full Range
1.4" x 15"
1200W / 60Hz - 18.5kHz / 70° x 50°
27.2in. x 13.7in. x 18.5in., 56lbs.
2-Way Full Range
1.4" x 12"
1200W / 70Hz - 18.5kHz / 70° x 50°
24in. x 13.5in. x 16.36in., 50lbs.
2-Way Full Range
1.4" x 12", Coaxial, Direct Radiating
1200W / 75Hz - 18kHz / 70° x 55°
19in. x 13in. x 18.5in., 55lbs.
2-Way Full Range
1.4" x 15", Coaxial, Direct Radiating
1400W / 60Hz - 18kHz / 70° x 55°
22.3in. x 14.1in. x 20in., 58lbs.
2-Way Full Range
1" x 8"
500W / 80Hz - 20kHz / 50° x 80°
10in. x 10.5in. x 18in., 31lbs.
Stage monitors are a unique class of loudspeaker... unlike most systems, the "wedge" is targeted for short-range operation, usually covering a single person ... the performer.

Clarity and punch are hallmarks of McCauley stage monitor design. McCauley monitors are louder than even for the deafest singer can stand... yet for all their SPL capabilities, the focus of the design is still on clarity at high levels, are realistic punch from the LF bands, and most importantly, pattern control in front of the mic. Each system is fine tuned to deliver a optimal blend of these factors... and each features McCauley componentry specialized to the monitor... true performers in their own right.

Construction can be described in one word: T O U G H. McCauley Sound's stage monitor class is designed to stand up all the abuse that endless nights on stage and on the road can dish out. Tough, perforated steel and acoustically-transparent weather-foam protects the driver complement from stage hazards. Craftsman assembled 12-ply birch body construction is finished with weather-proof elastomeric finish and stainless steel hardware. Driver complements are reinforced internally and braced specifically to withstand rough and tumble load-ins and hurried tear-outs. Superior construction methods through-out backed by the industries best warranty program.

All systems are switchable between passive crossover mode and full biamp / triamp operations.

Non-coaxial systems offer multiple positioning angles, to allow both near and far placement from the performer, to maximize versatility for both the artist and the production company.

Four special COAXIAL POINT SOURCE systems are available in this class, offering the benefit of precisely aligned low and high frequency energy from a very small stage footprint... ideal for night club applications or anywhere else where stage-space is at a premium.

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