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2-Way Full Range
1.4" x 8"
575W / 75Hz - 18kHz / 80° x 50°
9.75in. x 21.7in. x 11.5in., 36lbs.
2-Way Full Range
1.4" x Dual 8"
1000W / 70Hz - 18kHz / 80° x 50°
9.75in. x 30in. x 11.5in., 44lbs.
Low Frequency
Single 15"
22in. x 28in. x 23.5in., 95lbs.
Trapezoidal 18" Subwoofer
22in. x 28in. x 30in., 110lbs.
Single 18"
23.88in. x 32.88in. x 23.88in., 120lbs.
Dual 18"
45.25in. x 20.13in. x 30in., 165lbs.

Often moved, dropped, dusted-up and abused, the GENERAL STAGING (SA) class represents the bread and butter of the rental and staging side of pro-audio. Fair stages, club dates, parking-lot gigs, rodeos... these systems get knocked around and run harder than any other grade of loudspeaker in the pro side of this industry.

And that's why we build them so tough.

All products in the GENERAL STAGING (SA) class feature McCauley Sound's superior grade of custom componenty. With many of the same great features found in our 6000 series transducers, and then some, each SA series system carries a complement of cone drivers and compression drivers specifically tailored to for each system... bringing the world-class standard of performance we place in our touring class product to the real-world day-in day out business of local and regional sound reinforcement.

In addition to the toughest, most powerful components in the business, each SA series system features a rugged PROCOAT elastomeric finish, are built from tough 12-ply birch for durability, carry super-tough steel grills and handles, road-worthy Neutrik connectors on recessed all-steel panels.

Most products in this class are built around groundstacking, though many offer a basic rigging scheme as well, allowing flown clusters to be formed for larger events. Smaller enclosures feature POLE MOUNT ADAPTORS, allowing operators to mount to tri-pods or create 2-enclosure "speaker on a stick" mobile units, useful for DJs, corporate presentations, and other mobile applications.

All full range and mid / high systems feature a mode switchable, optimized CROSSOVER NETWORK as a standard feature. These networks are externally switchable between passive and bi-amp modes.

Systems in this class are designed to function as stand-alone units in the case of full range models, or to be paired off with matching low frequency and subwoofer modules to form three-way or four-way systems. Reccomended pairings for multi-enclosure set-ups are provided in the RELATED PRODUCTS module of each products main data page.

The SA400-2, SA422-2, SA42-2 and SA455 systems are a special group... designed to form arrayed clusters, extending coverage horizontally. Most other SA series systems are designed to offer wide 90 degree-plus "stand-alone" coverage.

A multitude of rectangular and trapezoidal LF modules provide a sturdy base for groundstacking full range and mid / high systems.

Four special COAXIAL POINT SOURCE systems are available in this class, offering the benefit of precisely aligned low and high frequency energy from a extremely compact enclosure... great for high mobility applications like weddings, corporate speaking events, dj events, commencement addresses, etc.

Users who prefer a highly mobile and compact LINE ARRAY solution should also consider the M.LINE series... found in our TOURING CLASS of product.

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